Customer Portal Software

Improve your customer relationships by giving a customer portal that offers quick, secure access to projects, logbooks and the capacity to self-serve.

The present advancements have expanded organizations’ capacity to team up – the customer portal is an ideal case of this. They are very popular inside organizations working with various customers on account of their capacity to give totally anchor 24/7 access to collaborative tools utilizing only a web connection.

What is Customer Portal Software?

A customer portal is a private online channel through which you can offer help and data to your clients. You may likewise have heard it called an extranet – where data is shared safely with external parties or on an intranet with internal employees.

Customer portal enables you to communicate and team up with your inside or outside customers and offer data, for example, information records, timetables and archives. You can likewise utilize a portal to enable your clients to see, download and transfer private data, for example, invoices and more.

What are the advantages of a Customer Portal Software?

Customer portal empowers you to add value of your clients by furnishing them with a profoundly customized, intelligent administration that is open to them even when your business is shut.

They can find solutions to their inquiries and get to whatever data you need to share with them. The advantage for them is access to the data they require when they require it; the advantage for your business is decreased inquiries which frees-up your customer service and sales staff, as well as improved customer satisfaction.

With regards to sharing information, portals trump email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). You won’t have the stress and costs associated with supporting complex VPNs, however, but you and your clients will profit by:

  • the capacity to safely exchange information, including financial data
  • no file size related limitations
  • self-service access to a private archive
  • the capacity to transfer and oversee bigger records
  • version control capacities
  • a folder system.

If you’re interested in a new customer portal for your business, or you’d like to find out more about how FGN can integrate a customer portal with our other services, give our team a call.